The Male Form
August 5-17
Speak Their Names
Aug 19 - Sep 6
The Naked Truth
Event: Sep 9 - Sep 21

A Celebration of
Judaic Art
Thusday Sep 22 - Oct 5

A Cat-O-Strophic Event
Call for artists now *
Event: Oct 7 - Oct 19

Day(s) of the Death
Call for artists now *
Event: Oct 21 - Nov 2

The Blushing Zebra
Call for artists now *
Event: Nov 18 - Nov 29

  • A Celebration of Judaic Art - Opening Thursday Sep 22 6 pm - Oct 5
  • The Naked Truth - Event: Sep 9 - Sep 21 We know - Naked Truth usually means an exhibit of nudes- And that it does and that is what we mostly expect to get; but if you look at our applications, we say that our titles are open to your interpretation.  The Kathe Kollwitz lithograph above, is, indeed, a naked truth.  What is your Naked Truth?
  • Speak Their Names - Aug 19 - Sep 6 - Artists traditionally speak out against injustices in our society.  Artists use their talents to bring about change, end racism and to work for peace and social justice.  We have asked artist Kianga Jinaki Parker to curate an invitational show titled "Speak Their Names.
  • The Male Form - August 5-17 - An exhibition featuring a variety of images and sculptures of men, begins. The exhibition was spurred by several artists who wanted to show an appreciation for guys. Since so many works of art praise women’s’ bodies, many artists felt it was time to give men their just due.
  • Shoe Fetishe / Foot Fetish - July 8-20
  • The Works of Nora Solomon , Friday June 17 - 29 - Opening this Friday Evening- The wonderful and unusual Glass Artery of Nora Solomon. Glass mixes with shell and geodes to create gorgeous, yet affordable, windows, sculptures and wall hangings.
  • The Works of Jamie Walker and Diana Bursztein - Friday June 3 - 15 - We start, on the 3rd, with Diana Bursztein , who is already selling up a storm. She and Jamie Walker, our amazing Leather Artist, will be sharing Opening Night on June 3. Jamie Walker has already wowed the Leather Crowd with his creations from Belts to Shoes. Coming Next will be a salute to Nora and Georghe.
  • Oxbridge Academy - End Of Year Exhibit - May 19 - Jun 1- Visit with the students of Oxbridge Academy. They are a group of really talented young people.
  • Surfer's Paradise - The Art of Jeniffer Love Gironda - May 6 - Coming Friday, May 6 - Live Radio Surfing Station broadcast from the Gallery. We will be featuring the art work of the extraordinary art faculty of Lake Worth High School- Brent Bludworth and Jennifer Love Gironda. FRIDAY evening is a media evening. SATURDAY, May 7 evening is the Grand Opening of the Show and a BIG PARTY

  • Where Have All the Flowers Gone - April 22 - May 4 - Artists throughout Palm Beach County welcome  Spring with works of art, that include an  abundance of flowers, and flowered themes.  Potters are busy making Ikebanas, pottery used in Japanese Flower displays, for special floral arrangements. Painters and photographers will fill the walls with a cacophony, or riot of color and design. 
  • Artists Celebrate the Horse - April 8 - 20 - Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery has lassoed artists throughout Palm Beach County who will be corralling artworks featuring Horses, Horses and more Horses.  "There'll Be No More Horsing Around"  This will be the gallery's first annual exhibit with a "Horse" theme. 

  • March 18 thru April 6 - 7th Annual PEEPS Show - For the last 7 years we have produced a PEEPs Show at the Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery,  that has draw thousands of visitors. For the last two years we had our guests vote on their favorite exhibits.  1600 visitors voted each year.

  • March 11 - Reception for Bonnie Bruner, Adriana Ficarelli and Adriano Ficarelli Exhibit

  • February 19-March 3 Ancient Impersonations - A Special Exhibit - Involving a Collaboration of Artists from the Studio of Flamingo Clay- An Ancient Dig Site will Appear in the Gallery - Feature artists: JoAnn Nava, Tony Esten, Simone Clunie, Sara McLennand, Nancy Costello and Christine Ellinghousen

  • February 5-17 - Love is not enough - Jim Culveyhouse, Maria Paz, Theo Sable and Adriana Ficarelli - Stained Glass Artist, Jim Culveyhouse, is building a Glass House in the Middle of the gallery.  It will be hung with wonderful, colorful and affordable stained glass windows. Maria Paz will hang the walls with paintings of all sizes- paintings of valentines and lovers. Theo Sable and Adriana Ficarelli have created new works for Friends and Lovers. Look for the wonderful and innovative alchohol ink jewelry and paintings. All rings can be sized.

  • January 29 - Living Pass Your Warranties with Theo Sable - Theo Sable,  an ageless artist,  contemplates warranty expirations as she continues her many decades of innovation and exploration of the arts. Theo Sable excels in all that her hands, movements and voice touch. We honor her, her longevity, and her mastery of all of the works of art she has created. Her book of poetry, "Dirty Secrets" is on sale at the gallery.

  • January 22 - Yes, I'm a Pirate - In celebration of her 50th birthday this year, Barb Fernandez features Fifty Faces of pillaged jewels, beach trash, eggshell and more.

  • January 8 - 15 - Smoke on Fire - Abbey Funk and Barbara Powell come together for Smoke & Fire, an unconventional ceramic art exhibition opening on January 8th at Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery. To create this collection of ceramic art, Abbey and Barbara merged into a dynamic duo bringing distinctly different skill sets to the table. Working together from start to finish, they created a comprehensive and explosive collection of 3 dimensional fine art. Every sculpture and vessel in the exhibition was finished with an atmospheric or alternative firing process. In this way, smoke and fire is truly the inspiration for this show. Raise a glass to our clay-making ancestors who invented these techniques ages ago

  • Friday December 18-January 7- Down the Rabbit Majikal Family Fun Hole. Fantastical Family Wonderland inside the gallery from mid-December through the New Year.  Step  through a huge Rabbit Hole into a land of wonder, filled with well known creatures, as well as those who have just emerged from the Majikal Minds of gallery artists Vandy and Sara.

  • Friday, December 4-16 - Artists from all over the county hope you will adopt their dogs to hang on your walls or sit on you pedestals.  If your dog is not represented in the gallery, ask your favorite artist to create one for you.

  • November 27-28  - Especial event Small Business Saturday. Walk off your calories from Thanksgiving Dinner in Lake Worth on Friday andSaturday FREE Parking at Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery, and One of a Kind Gifts made especially for you by our local artists at a Holiday Discount!

  • Friday, Nov 20 - The Fab Four have joined the gallery- and we are throwing a party for them on Friday- Come meet Bonnie, Abbey, Barbara and Hans.

  • Friday, Nov 6-18 - Gin Blische - Grimm Tales and other WOOLEN Adventures. A poem by Peter Rawlick will be readed at the opening, Friday Nov 6, 6-10PM.

  • Friday, Oct 2 to Oct 22 - The Cat-O-Strophic Event opens on Friday, October 2, and continues through Wednesday, October 21. The exhibit is free to the public. This wildly popular event is all about cats; cats of every shape, color and kind. We will again reach out to all of the animal rescue venues, pet shops and veterinarians as we publicize this event.

  • Friday, Sept 18 to Sept The Naked Truth, an exhibit at the Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery in Downtown Lake Worth, encompasses artists from all over Palm Beach County. The title was the starting point. The subject matter was entirely left up to the artists. The exhibit begins Friday evening, September 18 at 6PM, with a wine and cheese reception.

  • Friday, Ago 7 to Aug 19 -Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery will be honoring the memory of Fiber Artist Berthe Andersen on Friday, August 8.  The dates on this exhibit have been extended to Wednesday, August 19.
    This exhibit is also a fund-raiser for COPD, a terrible disease from which Berthe died.

  • Friday, July 24 to Aug 6 - The Male Form. Is all about the Men, at Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery.. The gallery was challenged to design a show about men; the majority of the body of art of the past, pertaining to the female form. The challenge met, “The Male Form” was born. Entries are coming in from around the county, and beyond. This show promises to sizzle, in a good way. Perhaps a Michelangelowill emerge with a new version of the David.

  • Friday 7/17 to 7/22 - Ryan's Chain Maille production of a Renaissance Festival  - Watch our budding romance blossom in the gallery. Ryan Delaneuville, our Chain Maille artist, could not keep his eyes off of Aimee, and soon they were modeling his Renaissance wear together. Ryan is featured the following Friday. Ryan, an avid creator of chain maille garb, is planning afull Royal Renaissance Festival for his opening on July 17, right down to the music and food. Ryan's jewelry is a steady draw to the gallery. Saturday evenings find him fitting and crafting bracelets and necklaces for his many customers. He is never at a loss for words when it comes to speaking Chain Maille with his many fans.

  • 7/10 to 7/16 - "Goldfish and Other Auspicious Symbols" - The front windows of the gallery are sparkling with the beautiful fused glass and beaded wind chimes created by glass artist, Aimee Schulz.  Aimee, an accomplished stain glass and fused glass artist, is creating a whole new body of work for this event, opening on July 10. Her large art pieces draw regular commissions, and her beautiful, whimsical wind-chimes, sell at a fast clip.  Time to hang one in your garden or on your porch.